Back At It

I know… I know… How many times can one start over and pick it up, only to be dropped again?  I don’t know if there is an answer to that question.  My answer is as many times as it takes.  Things slow down, pause, and ultimately stop for one reason or another.  The big question is, does one have the courage to pick it back up and persevere?  I have started, and paused, and stopped, and ended this blog more than once.  But ultimately, here it is.  The mission the same. The voice very different.  I am now a mother, soon to be wife, a teacher of 15 years, and a new teacher to be next year.

So it is finally happening!  Next year I will take on the honor of being the technology teacher/specialist for my school.  Everything that I had put aside and let linger in the background is now moving to the forefront.  I have to re-emerse myself into the world I only watched from afar.  I am super excited and apprehensive.  Let’s see where this takes friends.

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