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That doesn’t mean that I am Perky Patty everyday, but I love what I have been chosen to do. (Notice that I didn’t say “what I chose to do”). Education is an extraordinary calling. Always changing, reflecting, revising, and yet the same and different every single day. It is completely unpredictable because our products have minds of their own.

I was drawn to teaching from a second career. I always wanted to be a teacher. I was the kid who always begged to get the teacher’s manuals when they were being thrown out. “But teachers don’t make a lot of money,” my parents said. So I went into engineering and then business. But, with what I believe to be devine intervention, I was given a classroom of third graders with nothing but determination. Not the route I recommend, but it was my path.

During my 4th year of teaching I was introduced to a Smartboard, and I fell in love! Literally! All I thought about was how exciting teaching would be now. Then I went to a technology camp, and I knew this is why I am teacher. Now it’s not about the “stuff”, but what kids can discover, learn, create, problem solve, and become better thinkers who are motivated and engaged. This is my niche and here I go!

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