The Revolution Has Been Televised…Sort of

Part of our American history curriculum  this year is learning about the American Revolution.  I used this topic to have my students learn and practice writing a research report.  Then when we came back from winter break, we were suddenly thrown into Breakfast in the Classroom.  In an effort not to lose those instructional minutes, I  quickly googled American Revolution videos and discovered the world of Liberty Kids.

Now don’t fret.  Although those videos are long off tv, you tube always saves the day.  (At least for me!)  What did I find but all of the Liberty Kids episodes in convenient 10 minute-ish chunks.  Perfect for Breakfast in the Classroom!  We are just about halfway through the series.  The kids are engaged while they are eating and learning about the American Revolution.  Win-Win!

What educational videos have you stumbled upon that you use in the classroom?

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