An Unexpected Gift at an Unexpected Time

I was on Facebook, I think, and  I saw this comment or link to Reddit Gifts.  They were doing a Gifts for the Teachers event.  Now I had never heard of Reddit Gifts before and really didn’t understand it, but I read, “FREE GIFTS FOR TEACHERS.”  Well, I’m a teacher, and free is my price, so what the heck.  The event was to gift teachers a $15-20 gift for the classroom.  Great!  We were already starting to go through our dry erase markers, so I thought I would request some Expo Markers to add to our room. (They really do last longer.)  Honestly, I really didn’t think that I would get a gift at all.  But, lo and behold, we were gifted.

So 2 boxes arrived at my door. (2?)

I opened the first (rather big) box and my jaw hit the floor.  I started to pull out box after box after box of colored Expo Markers.  Then there was box after box after box of black Expo markers.  Then there Expo Erasers and refills.  Then there were Expo white board wipes.


Then the next day, another box came.  WHAT???  More erasers and refills.

Here is what we received.  We really didn’t have to do much in return.  I just wrote a thank you note and we took a couple of pictures and that was it.  But words could truly not convey how excited and grateful I was, and then how excited my kids were.   It was truly an unexpected gift at an unexpected time.

What unexpected gift have you received?

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