The Big Let Down

Here it is 4 days after my portfolio was due and I am trying to let myself enjoy the downtime. But I can’t.  I’m ready to get started again. I want to get back to loving all of it.  AIMS is mostly over.  We just have to do the field test on Monday, then it’s back to business.  I’m not really sure I know or believe in what that means.  I think in the last efforts to prepare my students for 4th grade, I am saddened that I haven’t done more.  We are short on time now before they go to the fourth grade.  There is so much still to do.

Then there’s the other part of reality.  Teachers got notice that they’re being laid off yesterday.  That is sad that we have to let some of our school go.  What does that mean for those who are left?  Our job just got harder with way less resources.  As if it weren’t hard enough. I hope that those of use who are left can band together and keep some consistency with the good things we have going so far.

One thought on “The Big Let Down

  1. Heat

    If the right people were left, we would band together and hold each other up, but the RIFs aren’t based on who is good for our school…

    I have a passage from a book that I’m hoping to be able to share with the staff at Wednesday’s meeting that might help you (and others) out a bit. If I can’t, then I’ll share it with you anyway 🙂


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