Give me my computer

Today, we were lucky enough to have Tony Vincent present an afternoon of handheld computing. I have been one of the fortunate ones who have had a handheld since Technology camp in June. I have used it with my students since the second week of school. The Palm Tungsten E2s hold much more than I ever thought they would. Today, I found even more opportunity to increase student skill practice. The opportunity for language arts and math skill development is so vast. I can’t wait to check out a class set and get started with my class.
Also, I want to thank Mr. Vega for completing the enormous task of unpacking and preparing those 275 handhelds.
(And yeah for me..this is the first time I have posted a photo!)

One thought on “Give me my computer

  1. ~ J. F. Vega ~

    Unfortunately, I do not have all of the 275 unpacked and loaded as I did for the 115 I had ready for Tony Vincent’s visit. I still have to unpack both the handheld and case from the difficult plastic casing, turn on and wait for the initial boot-up, orient, load software, place handheld in a case, number and begin the process again for 142 handhelds. Haaaa! Very time consuming! We’ll get your class set going ASAP!


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