The beauty of blogging

Well, I was reading Mr. Vega’s new blog entry today, I blog, Students blog and More, which pointed to Marc Alhness’s blog entry, Pros and Cons of Educational Blogging… . Marc Alhness is also a third grade teacher in Washington. He used blogging with his class last year (and they’re still blogging in the summer even though they don’t have to! Imagine that students practicing literacy skills on their own.) Anyway, so while I was reading the pros and cons, I came across another entry of Marc’s that discusses Class Blogmeister. This is the blogging tool created by David Warlick I hope to use this site this year with my class. It is a free webspace that allows a teacher and students to each have blogs. Teachers are able to monitor and approve all comments and submissions, so it is very safe. I can only begin to imagine how literacy skills will increase through this new reading and writing opportunity. I can’t wait to get started!

Now all that said, this is the beauty of blogging. It is a great opportunity for all of us, teachers and students, to learn and share what we have learned. Because of Mr. Vega’s blog, I read Marc’s blog. Once there I read his glowing endorsement of Classblogmeister, which I already knew about, but now I am convinced this is the way to go. And now you are reading my blog, and hopefully will visit Mr. Vega’s, Mr. Warlick’s, and Mr. Alhness’s blogs and share what you have learned with someone else.

One thought on “The beauty of blogging

  1. ~ J. F. Vega ~

    Yes! What a wonderful web of information we can share! I have had countless experiences to read from other bloggers that allow me to “see” new opportunities for our students. With the re-opening of Bethune, it appears we also have the opportunity to introduce and guide our colleagues into the beautiful blogosphere!


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