Plug and Play Technology camp- Days 4 and 5

Well, the end has come for our camp. Most of Thursday was spent working on our movies. Thursday morning Tony Vincent presented on podcasting with the students he worked with as young as first grade. I was a little apprehensive about podcasting from what I already knew about it. But from the way Tony described at his school, podcasting seems really manageable. We’ll see how it goes. I’ll have to try it at least once.

Friday was a short day for us. We had a presentation on the Blue Zone by Dan Buettner. Check out this new adventure students and teachers can join him on.
The Blue Zone

It was very sad that this camp had to come to an end. I enjoyed meeting other educators from Arizona and learning new things every day. I am especially excited about using these new technologies with my students. I can tell you now at the end of the week, I have come to appreciate Macs. (Especially GarageBand!)

One thought on “Plug and Play Technology camp- Days 4 and 5

  1. ~ J. F. Vega ~

    I too learned a few good things from working in a MAC environment! I suppose I went back to my roots. My first computer was a MAC. Garageband was my favorite too. I did find some of the basic photo editing features in iPhoto better than the basic photo editing stuff we get on our PCs. I really didn’t feel the iMove was much more superior to Movie Maker. I’ve seen many creative movies done with Movie Maker. I suppose many would I agree…it’s truly about the story. Planning a coherent story line will always work, because all the “cool” features will not always do the job. In my opinion, a great factor in producing a movie is the hardware we use. I saw a lot of MACs crashing in our class…some were able to salvage their work and others couldn’t. Even our MAC laptop was giving us many warnings about lack of memory. In any case, I still was enjoying myself while learning more about the MAC environment….life is good!


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