I am so psyched!

You know it is something great when you get excited about the possibility of what your job can be. That’s about where I am now. I marvel about the possibilities of blogging with young people. I thought that my third graders would be too young to grasp/manage what blogging is about. Then I found out about a first grade classroom teacher who has her 1st grade students blogging. And it is too cute! Check it out.


It is a podcast by the way so I guess I should say, “Listen to this!” It is from Dean Shareski’s podcast series. ( Thanks Dean!) I found out about this from David Warlick’s 2cents worth blog.

2 thoughts on “I am so psyched!

  1. Dean Shareski

    Glad you enjoyed the podcast. I’ve worked closely with Kathy (the grade one teacher) and even have a video I did about her on my site.I’ll encourage you to explore the opportunities that online publishing (blogging, podcasting,wikis) can provide for your students. All the best


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