Back to What???

Well, it’s hard to believe but I officially go back to work on Tuesday. Yep, tomorrow, Tuesday, July 15th. There were so many things that I wanted to do this summer and it feels like only half none of them got done. So what’s the holdup?


1. I moved classrooms this year (again) so I planned on unpacking and organizing my room over break. There was a lot of planning going on in my head but not a lot of unpacking. That means I would actually have to get dressed and drive all the way to school and then actually empty boxes.
2. I had also planned on reading some novels and professional books for the new year. Since I now will be teaching 6th grade language arts with social studies integrated, I planned on getting ahead with some reading. I have started to read one of the three professional books.
3. I took a summer gig taking our 6th graders to college.  They got to spend three weeks as community college students.  They attended morning sessions with professionals in the science and educations fields.  They got to use the college library and computer lab each day.  They also designed and constructed solar ovens and tested them out by making smores.  It was very cool.

So this week I will move forward, full steam ahead to two groups of new students and I really can’t wait. What do the next couple of weeks have in store for you?

Pinned Up on Pinterest

Well since it is summer that means that as a teacher I have lots of time to WORK! Like most teachers my summer will not be filled sitting on a tropical beach somewhere enjoying this “vacation” (although kudos and enjoy to those of you who do get to). I am spending my summer taking classes, some required, some optional, planning for next year, and of course catching up on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram.

My hope is to get these all into meaningful and reasonable time allotments to be beneficial to you and to me. So I have polished up my Pinterest Boards and they are ready!


So what’s the big deal??? Well if you only follow my Teach Me Board or a couple of my boards, you won’t benefit from the fruits of my labor. So come and check out my new boards!