Welcome Back!


Well, it’s that time again. I have to say this year I have probably been the most excited to start a new year than any other. I was most excited to start a new reading journey with kiddos this year, given the arsenal we developed last year. Most exciting (and scary) was starting the classroom library over again. It was very difficult not to influence them how to categorize the books, and very intriguing to watch the ones that did develop.

But most of all, I am excited for the room of readers that I have! I can’t tell you how many kids wanted independent reading in the first day when we had books literally all over the room. They are going to keep me on my toes. So to that I say, “let the reading begin!”



I ran into some hiccups and have been silent for a week. I have the post in my head, but it’s still not here. Here’s what happened.

I didn’t have anything to say.

I was behind in reading my RSS feed and so I had no material. I’m not to the point where I have a multitude of original sources to talk about. So once I realized I didn’t have anything to say, then I had something to talk about. But then a day became two days and I let life take over again.
So here I am again, writing poorly in public. Everyday part 2.

I am a Hypocrite

Yes, I am outing myself.  I am a hypocrite.  I am not a reader in the way that I expect my students to be.  I require that my students read everyday. Without fail.  End of discussion.  So of course I read everyday, right?  Nope.

I haven’t read a book cover to cover in years.  Yes, I am embarrassed by that.  The last book I read was Pleasure by Eric Jerome Dickey in 2009.  Ok, so that’s not exactly professional level or deep reading.   It was not difficult and really kind of mindless.  And before that, I couldn’t tell you.

So now to defend myself.  I do read, everyday.  Just not the way I would like to be reading.  I read articles from my RSS feed.  I read some news.  I read things in social media.  The kicker to all this is I LOVE to read.  I have a stack of books I am waiting to read, and I want to read them.  I just don’t schedule it in and time gets away from me.  I would love to spend time with those books.  I had to stop buying books, because I just couldn’t get to them.  I used to LOVE magazines.  Well, I guess I still love magazines.  At one time I had subscriptions to  at least 8 magazines.  But then they started to pile up.  Last month’s would sit on the month’s before and finally I had to stop them.  Now I just subscribe to two and I really have to work not to get behind on those.

But now I want to change the type of reader I am.  I have started to get one of my magazines on my ipad.  That is really helpful.  I am able to read whenever,  wherever and I don’t have to lug around a magazine.  But I have a long way to go.  I have started to download samples of books that I would like to read because I will not buy more books until I have read what I already have.  So I am going to be a more dedicated reader as I also become a more dedicated writer.  If I’m asking it of my students, surely I can ask it of myself.

What kind of reader are you?