Time to “Get My Life”!

Well, yes…it is another Back to Work post.  Yes,  It is only July 13th.  Yes, some of you just went on summer break less than a month ago.  And, YES, it’s HOT!

One week from today I will greet my new 2015-2016 6th graders for their first day in their last year of elementary school.  I am still fortunate enough to be a pairing teacher, meaning I only teach half the required subjects, and my partner teaches the rest.  So I will challenge two new groups of readers and writers and historians beginning next week.

IMG_2142 But it’s also a new adventure for me personally as I usher my son into his educational career (10,ooo hours folks).  I have a four year old that will start kindergarten this year.  (I can’t believe that is true!!!!)  Having children does change you as a teacher. I like to think for the better.  But today I signed up to access his grades online, and the rest of this week will be spent fulfilling the school supply and classroom donation request of his new teacher and shopping for school uniforms after I spend my days preparing for the new year for my new students.  I know that she will be doing the same for him and that makes it a little easier to swallow.  So it will be an exciting new school year on many levels.

So, YES! It is time for me to get my life.  My little one is growing up.  I have let some things go to be with him and take care of him because nothing is more important than that.  But that is all changing now.  Homework after school, practice, dinner, and then bedtime.  If that all goes as planned it will be an early bedtime, which means more time for Mommy to get her life.  No promises, but folks, it’s that time.

What time is it for you?


Back to What???

Well, it’s hard to believe but I officially go back to work on Tuesday. Yep, tomorrow, Tuesday, July 15th. There were so many things that I wanted to do this summer and it feels like only half none of them got done. So what’s the holdup?


1. I moved classrooms this year (again) so I planned on unpacking and organizing my room over break. There was a lot of planning going on in my head but not a lot of unpacking. That means I would actually have to get dressed and drive all the way to school and then actually empty boxes.
2. I had also planned on reading some novels and professional books for the new year. Since I now will be teaching 6th grade language arts with social studies integrated, I planned on getting ahead with some reading. I have started to read one of the three professional books.
3. I took a summer gig taking our 6th graders to college.  They got to spend three weeks as community college students.  They attended morning sessions with professionals in the science and educations fields.  They got to use the college library and computer lab each day.  They also designed and constructed solar ovens and tested them out by making smores.  It was very cool.

So this week I will move forward, full steam ahead to two groups of new students and I really can’t wait. What do the next couple of weeks have in store for you?