Go Kagan!!

Well, today I got to implement some of the things that I learned last week in training.  It was hard to hold back and not try to teach them everything at once.  We tried 3 “new” things today.  They weren’t totally new but following more to the way Kagan has it outlined.  It went pretty well.  I hope that this continues for the rest of the week and we can add more structures to our class.

Kagan Cooperative Learning

It’s been a while, I know.

This Monday and Tuesday I was fortunate enough to participate in a Kagan training.  It was great.  I have heard so much about it in the seven years I have been teaching, but never had the opportunity to participate.  There are many things that I will be able to use right away on Monday. It is good to know many of the things that I do already have in place just need to be tweaked.  Unfortunately Monday is coming much to fast when I realize that I haven’t done nearly 1/3 of what I planned to do this week.  It’s nice to take a break though.